Drop The Rope And Get Rid Of The Ants

Drop The Rope And Get Rid Of The Ants

Have you ever been stung by a bee or any insect? Instantly, if the bee was put before you, there is every possibility that you are going to kill it. The amazing thing is that killing the bee doesn’t take away the pain or scars it left on your body nor does it make you feel better. The same goes for when people do things that hurt you badly. Getting back at them to hurt them or avenge yourself doesn’t take away the pain they must have caused you. What it does is that it puts you in the same position as them: angry, bitter people duplicated over and over again, and you end up having a world full of people actively hungry for revenge.

Proverbs 15:1 (NLT) : ‘A gentle answer deflects anger,but harsh words make tempers flare.’

The above scripture tells us that responding to a hurtful statement or event in a subtle way (amidst the pain) gets rid of the chances of causing a more chaotic experience. For example, if someone slaps me over ‘nothing’ and I retaliate and hit back, there is every tendency that a fight will break out and someone might get more injured, probably me, despite the fact that I got the hit first. Then we both get tagged as violent people which I don't think is a name anyone should love to bear.


 I remember an incident when I was little. My aunt was tidying up our old store and I just really wanted to help out, so I was helping her put away things that were damaged. I saw a small anthill that caught my attention. There were ants on the floor that formed a long line and some were scattered on the anthill.  

I went over to take a closer look at it, then I discovered that some ants got in free and some were struggling to get into the hole. In my superhero mind, I got a roll of black thread and fixed the tip into the hole so that the helpless ants could crawl in freely like the others. Things went wrong and I ended up having lots of them on my body and my clothes. 

 I screamed so loud, running towards my aunt, still holding a bulk of the thread. She laughed and told me to drop the thread and take off my clothes, and helped get rid of the ants on my body, though some had bitten me. I was sad because I felt they should not have done that to me; I was only trying to help.

Sometimes, we get hurt while doing the most sincere things. I could have decided to break the whole anthill in anger but that would have been a wrong decision because I would let all the ants out and it would spread to other areas and even hurt other people. It is very important to acknowledge the pain, be honest with yourself that it hurts but do not stay there for too long. You can speak to someone about it or call for help if you feel you can’t handle it alone.

Holding on to what and who hurt you doesn’t make the pain go away, it only makes you more bitter. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t reward victims or help you move forward. You are the only one that takes yourself away from whatever mess and live a free life in total happiness.

‘There is no love without forgiveness and there is no forgiveness without love’.- Brynt H. Mc Gill

 Jesus is a perfect example, as while we were unsaved and deep in sin, he loved us enough to give his life so we could have total freedom from the enemy. He still pours his love to all—believers and unbelievers alike. The best way to get away from hurt or an unfortunate situation is to forgive so that you can enjoy  peace and start the process of healing. Unforgiveness hardens your heart and flares up the anger and bitterness in you.

Forgiveness might be difficult but with the help of the Holy Spirit, you can and even give back love to the attacker or oppressor. That way, we are able to build a world with people full of love and compassion rather than hate, anger and revenge.