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How to Download and Install Apex Legends Mobile

Looking for a list of countries where Apex Legends Mobile is available to play first? Well, we have you covered. This battle royale game is now live in 10 countries. Check out the complete list of countries part of the Apex Legends Mobile Limited Regional launch right here:

Melanoma: Statistics

This year an estimated 106,110 adults (62,260 men and 43,850 women) in the United States will be diagnosed with invasive melanoma of the skin. Melanoma is the fifth most common cancer among men. It is also the fifth most common cancer among women.

How and why I started my tech journey.

You can imagine how I was excited when I got to join my dream Bootcamp to start my journey in tech a reality. I have always wanted this and had spent sleepless nights thinking of how I was to achieve this. All through I had believed tech was my thing such that my lifestyle had already been taken over by this tech agility within me .By the way, I interacted with people, the way I interacted with personal computers at home to the lot of time that I spent on my phone. You see, the fact that I did have the resources to get myself a laptop at a young age, I took my smartphone as an alternative for all.